The different tools SEO that I use

It's impossible to list in a few lines the different tools that I use as part of working in my SEO Agency based in Lyon. As a “normal” SEO Hero, it's important to use a tool to analyze backlinks (ahrefs, majestic...) of your website, a tool to track your visibility (ranks, myposeo,...), to analyze your logs and many others.

All of these tools allows you to track SEO competitors, especially for strategic websites like our client: or even zil-maurice on the key word prima.donna for our client: TLP or even on the word lisseur vapeur for our client: MCC.

I will try to introduce through my website or on my SEO agency's website the different features of the powerful tools that are popular in today's SEO field.

For people that want more information about the SEO Hero role and career, see my articles.