Be the real SEO Hero of the Semantic Analysis

How to find your keywords

Semantic analysis is a very important aspect of the SEO world, and mandatory if you want to audit a website. It is in fact the first step to analyze and fill the gaps, by finding the right keywords to work on. As you may already know, keywords are essential to SEO and targeting the right ones will help you acquiring traffic and convert your visitors.

There are several steps to have a complete and relevant list of keywords. You can use the famous tool SEMRUSH to check the existing keywords on which your website is referenced. This will help you to understand how competitive they are and how many times they are searched every month. You can also check the existing keywords on the Google Search Console of your website.

To perfect the job, check the keywords of your main competitors and compare them to yours. Delete the duplicates and you will have a pretty good list, but this is still not enough. Elaborate a tree diagram with the different brands you and your competitors sell, or with related themes. This will give you more keywords !

Select your keywords like a SEO Hero !


Now that you have plenty of keywords, it is time to know how to select them to have a real impact on your ranking and traffic ! Indeed, you can take into account several factors like the search volume, the Cost Per Clic (CPC), the URL of your competitors to assess the difficulty to enter the market and analyze the Serp (the meta tags, whether your competitors are strong websites…). This step is very important to know if the keywords you have on your lists are worth working on. SEMRUSH is useful and will help you to have all the informations you need.

Then, you have to elaborate a strategy of positioning and have to identify 3 types of positioning. The first one is the short-term one, with long tail expressions. These keywords have a weak search volume but with a low competition. The middle-term in usually a 2-word expression and finally, the long-term positioning is defined by a 2-word expression with high competition and a high search volume, so it takes some time to rank on these keywords.

Now you have all the keys to be a SEO Hero of semantic analysis and to select the right keywords !

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