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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of techniques to improve the ranking of your site in the results pages of the main search engines, Google in the lead, in order to generate significant traffic on your site site.

For each search you perform on the web, the search engine you are browsing compares millions of web pages before displaying first the ones that seem most relevant to the entered keywords. This infinitely fast process is at the heart of the most fierce battles of the web; Because appearing on the front page of Google is the nerve of war, a positioning that changes everything for you and the fame of your site.


Given that three-quarters of Internet users looking for a product or service go through a search engine to begin their purchasing process; It would be a shame not to work your site to appear first in the results.

By naturally optimizing the pages of your site, you ensure that they generate quality traffic, that is to say that the visitors who visit them are potential customers, that the merits of your services or your Products will only have to finish convincing. Indeed, if you sell high-tech items, what is the interest for you to attract to your site a surfer looking for the best book to offer his mother? It may be that you already appear in mind on a given keyword, but is it the one that brings you the qualified traffic you want?

How to become a SEO Hero for keywords research ?

You can have the best Website and sell the best product ever, if nobody land on your website you lost the game. This why you need to find good keywords and good expression that people look for on Search Engine. So how to find them ?

To be a SEO Hero for keyword research, define your product in the most simple way

Your keywords list should be based on what terms could your target use to search your product. So basically you have to define your offer in a way pretty simple with efficient words that immediately come in mind when you think about that kind of product. Then when you think you have found an expression or a keyword, before start searching for other words semanticly close, you can check if your expression looks good by taping it in Google and see if there are some results. A good keywork is a keyword used by your target and don’t used by your competitors.

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    Here we are you found some words and expressions to define your offer. Now to become a SEO Hero for keyword research you have to be sure there isn’t so much competition on hem. Because more competition there is more difficult it’s so rank. So the next step is to analyse which terms use your competitors to avoid to highlight the the same.The last quality for a good Keyword that a SEO Hero is looking for is a keyword which convert visitors in customers .

    To reach that the keyword research SEO Hero should make the difference with his competitors and engage people to his product. Follow these few points and you will become a SEO Hero for keyword research !

    A little bit more about me

    SEO Hero in Lyon, France since 2004, I assist ou help my clients in their visibility and business development through my SEO Agency called TOP10 Stratégie. In parallel ou At the same time, I edit many websites in diverse and varied thematics.

    My views on being a SEO Hero

    The SEO career/job sector has changed a lot since the early 2000s. Before, as the client didn't know SEO well, understanding how search engines work was difficult. Since then, everything has changed. Now that clients know more about SEO, SEO related jobs/careers are much more complicated and SEO Hero careers/jobs sprang up like mushrooms in a field. Today, we are far more numerous than before.

    I think that in order to succeed, you first have to understand and adapt to the client's objectives and needs as if you were part of the project. Today, my area of focus is relatively large but still remains in the SEO field.

    SEO Audit: A Careful Analysis of your Website

    You may have the most beautiful website of the world, but if technically your website is not well set up, it will be difficult for the search engine to perform well. In order for your website to be effective, your website will have to be analyzed in every way possible so that the slightest errors/problems are detected, leaving you with a well-functioning website.

    You will get a SEO report and we will assist you in putting in place these recommandations.

    Semantic Analysis, Editorial Optimisations, Benchmark: Advice, Advice, and more Advice The client know his/her products well but has always difficulties in perceiving the key expressions entered by “prospective buyers”. We will do a study that will make it possible to define major key expressions that are business generating.

    Your website pages will be carefully analyzed and optimized so as to generate perfect website traffic. It will also be possible to do a benchmark which will allow us to:

    Developing your Activity

    Even by respecting all of Google's guidelines, it will be very difficult to develop your visibility without gaining an important notoriety on the Web. That is why, we will do or detect SEO links to increase your popularity.